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Intake Manifold: Boss 302R

by DrivingEnthusiast

Courtesy of TheMustangNews.com comes this picture of the intake manifold used by Ford for it’s new Boss 302R race engine. The site reports the engine makes in the neighborhood of 450 horsepower – and if you’ve been watching the race series it certainly shows on track where passing has “not been a problem”.

Now compare and contrast to the R50 race engine, based on the Cammer 5 liter engine. This engine was created solely for the race series, and while it was supposedly available for purchase “by the rest of us”, the price was prohibitive. Controversially, the only reason the Mustang has been able to run in the race series at all is because Ford managed to get an exemption to the intent and rules of the series so that this non-production engine could be used. Then, and only then, has Ford been able to do very well in the series. Is this fair? Of course not, but money and publicity speaks. 

The differences in design for breathing of the two engines are obvious here, with the 302R engine focusing on all-out top-end breathing and the R50 focusing more on mid-range with long cross-runners.

Speculation on a limited edition street model of the Boss 302R is rampant in the press, but there is certainly no guarantee that the race intake system could be used on the street car or that any power increase will be part of the product at all. Now look closely the first picture above – it is interesting that the 302R manifold has an indentation in the middle where the production strut tower brace would cross over. You’ll also note that the production fuel rails are used, the production sensors, and the production throttle body and intake tube and air cleaner. Hmmmm……

At a minimum it’s possible that the “Boss 302” will be nothing more than a dressed up oroption-delete-down Mustang GT with the Track Pack parts and some tape stripes. In any case, dealer mark-up will certainly make obtaining one very difficult and most of them will end up as long-term collectibles anyway.

Follow the Grand-AM Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge here: http://www.grand-am.com/schedule/index.cfm?series=k&cat_id=91 . The Speed network is broadcasting most of the series (amazing, since it clearly isn’t lowbrow NASCAR).

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