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Jeremy Clarkson thumbs his nose at Britain’s liberal socialists

by DrivingEnthusiast

As you may have read, Top Gear has taken a lot of heat from the liberal press in Britain over the past year about how unrealistic the cars they test are for the Liberal agenda of reduced emissions and increased fuel economy (at the expense, of course, of personal freedom and mobility). The problem is that the types of cars Top Gears shows us just don’t fit into the master plan of the Socialists for cars that don’t allow people to have any fun.

Jeremy Clarkson obviously thinks they’re bunk.

So to thumb their noses at the liberals, Top Gear created a unique challenge for the premier episode of the new series (15) last weekend. Top Gear challenges have required the threesome to drive across deserts, build all sorts of ridiculous cars, launch one on a space shuttle, race buses around a racetrack, and worse. This time, Jeremy is given a challenge to drive the “2nd highest-sold fiberglass car in Britain after the Corvette”.

The only thing that would have made this perfect was to put Nancy Pelosi in the passenger seat!

A couple more tests like this one, and they’ll need to release the Jeremy Clarkson Obituary:

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