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2011 Explorer Engines

by DrivingEnthusiast

The details are just coming out now, and there are two surprises in the engines:

1st, the EcoBoost 2 cylinder, makes 237 HP and 250 torque. This is not the 274 HP the Explorer American show car demonstrated, but it’s clearly a good blend of performance and economy. Speaking of which, the front wheel drive Explorer does 30% better than last years base Explorer with ye olde 4 liter V-6.

2nd: the 3.5 liter V-6 takes a jump up to 290 HP with 255 torque. This is the improved version of the 3.5, which started life with 263 HP and 249 torque. When the Taurus version of this engine will get a bump to this spec remains to be seen. 290 is also competitive with Chrysler’s new V-6.  The Explorer with this engine improves fuel economy over the old Explorer by 20%.

And, finally, no surprise, but there is no EcoBoost V-6 announcement – at least yet.

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