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Breaking news: 2011 Mustang Boss 302 to launch in August?

by DrivingEnthusiast

—> UPDATE: be sure to see the actual video where the “announcement” was made: http://www.drivingenthusiast.net/sec-blog/?p=7497 

Interesting claim 1/2 hour ago today by an announcer during the Speed television channel coverage of the Grand-Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge Race at New Jersey Motorsports Park.

According to him, Ford will launch the street version of the Boss 302r racecar in August this year, with 430 HP and “some” parts manufactured by Multimatic. “Certain” things learned on the track will be on the car. And the price is $30,000.

Was this his own speculation, or is the secret out?   That’s the big question!

430 HP seems plausible, given the all-new intake (below, in the race car). As we discussed in our earlier coverage of this intake, this is obviously a production piece and it has clearance for the strut tower brace built in. Note that this type of intake will refocus the engine more towards HP than torque… the torque rating of this engine may actually go down a bit. All speculation until we see the specs (no pun intended).

The Mustangs powered by the new “Coyote” 5 liter aren’t doing so well in Grand-Am racing… they’ve only been available to the race teams for a few months and undoubtedly they need more tuning time with them to get them up to “speed”. Nor is the Mustang itself doing so well – BMW and Chevy are finally fully present and accounted for and Ford is probably wishing for the good old days when they were the only competitor in their class.

Ford Mustang BOSS 302R

But 30k, for one of the most famous Mustang nameplates of all time? That price is very hard to see, even if the car is absolutely stripped of air, stereo, power seats, etc. Then the market for it would fall – as we know, the market prefers loaded Mustangs. As an example, look at the sell rate of the Brembo package – even though almost none of it’s buyers need it, they do indeed want it and Ford is having problems keeping up.

If you haven’t seen a real Boss 302 before, here’s an authentic one from 1969 (minus the correct air cleaner and maybe a few misc details). The original Boss 302 Mustangs are ultra-collectible… but there is no guarantee that the new one will also be since it will be mass produced in far higher numbers. 99.9% of them will never see a roadrace track – so it will be interesting to see if Ford really focuses on the suspension rather than just street-cred.

See the Ford Mustang tag, and the Mustang category for everything we have to date on the Coyote, the 2011 Mustang, and the Boss302R. We’ll continue to follow this story very closely – and stay tuned for the big day on August 13th (if it’s still on)…!

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