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2012 Mustang Boss 302: video of Speed channel announcement

by DrivingEnthusiast

WOW – as previously reported, Speed channel inadvertently released details of the 2012 Boss 302 Mustang in last weekend’s coverage of the 2010 Continental Challenge race in New Jersey.

It certainly wasn’t Ford’s intent that these details be released – nothing has been officially released, not even the existence of a new Boss 302. The Boss 302 was hinted at by Ford in a recent presentation, but not announced. It could still disappear off the face of the Earth…

Here’s a video of the part of the coverage where the slip occured. The announcers are discussing various racecars as they go around the track and the subject of the Boss came up. Listen carefully – it’s very clear. You decide – but we don’t think this sounds like speculation. It does sound like the announcer has been briefed. 

Now that we know some details, including the likely HP rating of 430 (probably 20 less than actual, as in the base Coyote). And that Multimatic will manufacture some parts – and that’s where it gets interesting. Unique parts for the Boss 302 include the intake manifold as shown below. Even given that this is a limited production run, does Multimatic have the facilities to manufacture this? And is it fair for them to do so when they are also a competitor in the series?

In any case, assuming all the slipped details are accurate, there isn’t anything to do but wait for the official announcement. Hopefully Ford will provide all the technical details we require, right down to exactly what parts make the new Boss unique. Note to Ford: enthusiasts want all the details, including high-res images of the unique parts and an engine dyno chart (use the great work you did when the 2000 Cobra-R was announced for an example and don’t forget the little details like bushing differences).

Ford Mustang GT-R ConceptAt a $30k price tag – assuming this is also true, we shouldn’t expect much outside engine and suspension changes. At that price, there certainly won’t be any leather or nav and it’s even possible that aircon could be an option. One thing we absolutely won’t get are the extra-wide fenders and body parts shown in the original GT-R concept (click on the link for a high-res image). Too bad, because that car was wearing 305s in back! Nor, unfortunately, will we see an IRS – which is exactly what would help the Boss better compete in the Continental Challenge against the very strong M3s and the up-and-coming Camaros. Ford has it easy in prior years with the only viable car in the class – it’s not so easy this year now with aggressive and modern competition.

The original Boss 302 was a stripped-down minimal-option car. This goes against the sales trend that has developed in 2010, where consumers are buying loaded cars. Look at the take-rate for the Mustang GT Brembo option – Ford has said they can’t keep up. Perhaps Ford will release the Boss with all the options available…? Which is just as well, because 99.9% of these cars will never make it onto a roadrace event, other than parade laps and similar posing. As to long-term collecting, assuming that a modern Mustang could indeed end up collectible, fully optioned cars and rare colors will be the preference. Take note of that when ordering and you might just have a great investment on your hands.

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