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Chrysler Fires Auto Plant Workers Seen in Fox 2 Video

by DrivingEnthusiast

If you’ve been following the story of the Chrysler workers at the Jefferson North assembly plant who methodically spent their lunch hours drinking and taking drugs, then you know that Chrysler wasn’t going to tolerate this and that action would be taken.

An investigative reporter from the local FOX News station caught them in the act. Here’s the video and the story:

On Monday the 27th, after it’s own investigation, Chrysler fired 13 of the 15 people who have been identified in the video. The other 2 were placed on unpaid disciplinary leave for a month.

The big question is what happens next for the 13 fired ex-employees. There is a UAW process for filing a grievance and, if successful, getting reinstated. It’s the job of the UAW to get those employees re-hired, and it’s certainly what they’re mulling over while sitting in their fancy offices and member dues-supported luxury resorts, and fighting efforts for mandatory drug testing.

Chrysler certianly doens’t like the idea of a possible reinstatement, and in the end they may have little choice but to accept it. Lets just hope that the news organizations stay on top of this.

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