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Need a Back to the Future DeLorean replica?

by DrivingEnthusiast

If you like old movies and TV shows, then you know about the new show on the Syfy channel “Hollywood Treasure“. In the show, Joe Maddalena, owner of the Profiles in History auction house, and his team chase down treasures from studios, collectors, and even the original actors and actresses or their estates.  Each month the company holds an auction of collectible props, clothes, and memorabilia from famous Hollywood films and television shows.

If you’ve been watching since it premiered last month you’ve seen some amazing items get tracked down, authenticated, and auctioned. Visit the site to get this months catalog:

In the upcoming November auction, several interesting vehicles wil be auctioned. First up is this replica of the film car, built to exacting specs. Imagine driving this to the locval Cars & Coffee!

Back to the Future collectables are hot stuff, especially given the recent 25th Anniversary and the release of the newly produced trilogy on Blue-Ray.

However, some other things may be, shall we say, “beauty in the eye of the beholder”. Enter the “action” car from Knight Rider, which this site declared to be the second worst customized S197 Mustang in the world.  3 were built, and this auction has the “hero” (detailed for close-up) version to sell. This car was built for detail, so underneath it only has the lowly 4 litre V-6!

With 151 items in total, we’d probably skip the Knight Rider car and go for the DeLorean. Bidding will be fierce…  likely we’d have to settle for some of the other goodies such as Eddie Munster’s coat from the first season of The Munsters!

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