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DeLorean Eagle Premier engine swap

by DrivingEnthusiast

In an earlier post, “Mystery DeLorean Turbo Engine Spotted“, we were initially unable to identify an engine that had been swapped into a DeLorean, replacing it’s stock PRV 2.89 liter V-6.

Now we have identified it, and we also have an example to share here: http://www.customdelorean.com/Site/Heaths_Engine.html

Here’s the one we spotted at a local car show (right after our camera battery died and we had to fall back to a cell phone):


This was a really interesting find, especially because it was sitting right next to a stock DeLorean. We’re always intrigued by engine swaps and examined this one in detail. Apparently the Eagle swap is very popular, and it usually the basis for a later addition of a turbo system.

Here is the engine of such a swap detailed on the site “Custom DeLorean“. In fact, we believe it to be the exact same car as we spotted, even though it was spotted in Austin Texas rather than California where it was built.

This is actually a slightly larger version of the same PRV engine, as used in the Eagle Premier from 1987-1992. This is a 90-degree V-6, with chain-driven cams, and is odd-fire. It’s an easy swap into a DeLorean, requires minimal swapping of parts, and is a stronger base for a build-up. As in the turbo in the above picture, from CustomDeLorean.

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