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Shooting the Stig (spoilers inside!)

by DrivingEnthusiast

A terrific premier this past weekend of the new season of Top Gear. But what about a new Stig? As you know, the Stig(Ben Collins) had walked off of Top Gear, then did a Judas by ratting on the cast and crew. And joining the cast of rival show Fith Gear. Nice guy. Now it’s turn of our favorite trio to figuratively get rid of the Stig. 

This was accomplished by an infamous Top Gear Challenge. While in America (where else?), the boys were given the task of learning how to do a drive-by shooting… starting by learning how to rapid-fire handguns. This is after all something you can learn in America a lot easier than you can in the U.K.

The targets were three Stig cut-outs (the actual Stig being unavailable)…

First a scoring system had to be determined. Various parts of the body counted for 5, 10, and 20 points; the part shown below counted for 100 points. Don’t get mad – get even!

The Hamster gets his drive-by shots in…

And of course Jeremy cheated, using an assault rifle instead of the agreed-upon handgun.

All in all a great season opener. We also watched the entire season of Fifth Gear which just ended… that’s another post. But we will say that Ben Collins is the most boring host you could imagine… he was totally useless to the show. In fact detracted from it. He needs to be fired.

Next week: the annual Top Gear Christmas Special. Shot in the Middle East. Where there could well be another shooting…!

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