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Speed Trap Ahead!

by DrivingEnthusiast

Lance Mitchell is our new hero: he had the guts to point out that his local town is running a speed trap and taking in a disproportionate amount of revenue from speeding tickets.  He made a point of alerting motorists when there was a speed trap ahead of them – while wearing a t-shirt and standing by the side of the road. And then the officials in his town of Lakeway, Texas decided to take him out. He was detained, arrested, and issued 6 tickets – all without legal basis. After a court battle, the town lost, he won and counter-sued, and won again. And the dirty crooks who had purposely decided to “get him” are mostly out of office, having slickly moved on to other jobs.  No doubt these people have labeled Lance and the rest of us as “trouble-makers” and would do it again if they had the chance. Let’s make sure they don’t.

Read the full article in the Austin Texas USA paper:  http://www.statesman.com/news/local/in-lakeway-a-crusade-against-speed-traps-1146294.html 

Lance has a website in place to help the rest of us, no matter where we are located. His site is loaded with important legal information, and he also has discussion forums. Please take the time to make an appropriate donation to help him with the site expenses. We’ve made our donation.

We’ll bring up a point we’ve raised in our blog before: responsible driving – yes. Absolutely. Better driver education – yes. Absolutely. More spending on infrastructure and up-to-date roads – yes. Absolutely.

But irresponsible officials – absolutely not. Why do we put up with these people? Are we too busy with our own lives to take note of what’s going on all around us? Why do we put up with officials who are only responsible to themselves?