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Lane Motor Museum comes to Twitter

by DrivingEnthusiast

Lane Motor MuseumOur favorite museum, the best museum in the United States for driving enthusiasts, has come to Twitter. Follow the Lane Motor Museum here: http://twitter.com/lanemotor.

We’ve visited the Lane museum about a dozen times, and have 2 photogalleries showing some of those visits:

Every visit to the Lane museum is unique: the museum has well over 300 cars but only has room to display about 100 or so. The rest are stored in an underground workshop where there are also additional cars in varying stages of mechanical work and general freshening. The Lane museum has a philosophy of driving their cars when possible, everything that can be driven is driven. Like us, they understand that cars are made to be driven, not left sitting. This is our kind of place!

Here’s a video from our last visit, where we were very fortunate to see them startup and run the Marcel Leyat Propeller Car!

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