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Will the infamous Fast & Furious rules/sucks pattern repeat itself?

by DrivingEnthusiast

It’s finally time for that every-other-year event: a new Fast & Furious movie! Premiering April 29 in North America!

What’s a Fast & Furious movie without the combination of Paul Walker and Vin Diesel (as as saw in part 2, nothing). And in #5 we’ve even got the delectable Jordana Brewster returning. Added bonus: Dwayne Johnson as an agent charged with bringing Diesel and Walker to justice (don’t ask what American agents armed with automatic weapons are doing in Brazil). And a worrisome stunt that may just push the movie all the way into the “sucks” zone:  pulling an entire bank vault out of it’s bank with two cars, and then dragging it away with the police in pursuit. Huh? If you don’t know how to suspend your disbelief after 4 previous movies, then this stunt is not for you.

Will the Fast & Furious rules/sucks pattern repeat itself? We’ll see on premier night and let you know, but in the meantime here is our famous Fast & Furious Rules/Sucks chart with infamous links. In our humble opinion Part 1 was great, Part 2 stunk, Part 3 was great (set in Japan), Part 4 was lousy (but made over $150M). Here is our chart:

Part Rating Rules/ we could dream… Sucks/ most improbable
1 Immortal Supra build-up, Rodriguez and Brewster sex scenes, desert racing event, blue GT-R, black S2000. Use of actual race cars for Race Wars. VW Passat as street race car? Reprogramming laptop built into seat?
2 Sucks Nothing? Pink S2000, too many special effects during street race, Miami, too much Tyrese, most everything else.
3 Rules Everything Japan, Drift King cameo, Tsuchiya cameo, rear wheel drive Evo, Yakuza, Diesel cameo. Music video Han dies. Classic Mustang as capable race car?
4 Sucks Brewster in NSX (briefly). RS200 (briefly) Racing thru cave tunnels, too much emphasis on muscle cars, Rodriguez dies, rolling gas tanker, Mexico, poor selection of cars
5 Worried Brewster back in action! Brazil! Bank vault chase scene, Brewster getting stuck with GT40 instead of NSX. Isn’t Sung Kang’s Han supposed to be dead (and could Tyrese Gibson please die)? Tiring muscle. Dodges? Huh?

Follow our past adventures with the Fast and Furious franchise by clicking on the Fast and Furious tag.

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