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Fast Five on Blue-Ray and DVD arrives October 4

by DrivingEnthusiast

It’s been called “The BEST in the SERIES”? But we don’t think so. The Fast & Furious Rules/Sucks chart below says it all.

Nonetheless, this is a Fast & Furious movie that has a lot to offer, starting with the combination of Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. And with the delectable Jordana Brewster (soon to star in the returning TV series Dallas). Added bonus: Dwayne Johnson as an agent charged with bringing Diesel and Walker to justice (don’t ask what American agents armed with automatic weapons are doing in Brazil).

Where does it go over the top? A worrisome stunt that could have pushed this movie all the way into the “sucks” zone:  pulling an entire bank vault out of it’s building with two cars, and then dragging it across town with the police in pursuit. Huh? If you don’t know how to suspend your disbelief after 4 previous movies, then this is not the series for you.

And when you see it, be sure to stay thru the credits for the background of the 6th installment of the series. Dwayne Johnson has already signed… and the other cast member is a surprising bit of good news. We could say more but that would be a spoiler.

Here’s the original Fast 5 trailer:

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