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2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1 endures 24-hour track test

by DrivingEnthusiast

With 30 years of track events under our belts, failures have been the rule rather than the exception. Attacking Watkins Glen with 10.5″ disc brakes up front and 8″ drums in the rear and doing 140 MPH used to be crazy with complete brake swaps necessary each evening of the track weekend. That meant rotors, calipers, pads, and bearings. We’ve lost countless brakes over the years not because of the number of laps we’ve done or the speed at which we did them but because of the lack of basic engineering and testing our track cars of the past years have received from the factory. Yes, these were Mustangs and when the brakes weren’t failing the cooling systems notoriously failed. Some of our other cars, most notably Japanese cars, never ever had a single failure, problem point, or issue with the ultra high track temps here in Texas. And we were therefore much happier with them than we were with the spectacular failure of our 2003 Mustang Cobra, which couldn’t do ten laps without over-heating, was under-braked from the factory, and finally failed completely resulting in what would have been a 17,500 dollar bill without a factory warranty (which took a series of calls all the way up to Colletti to resolve ). In fact, it couldn’t even do a rush hour crawl down the expressway int he heat of summer without garking it’s fluid. What a POS that car was.

Chevrolet has a different idea. Test, test, and test again. Test for 24 hours. And design what we call a “complete car” – meaning design right from the start to take this kind of punishment. Extra large brakes and cooling system., transmission and diff coolers. The plan is, as the following video clearly states, to test the car so that it will do what the owners would do with it without breaking. That enormously appeals to us!


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