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Fifth Gear crash tests a Ford Focus at 120 mph

by DrivingEnthusiast

Fifth Gear is our favorite sane British car show. Sane meaning not Top Gear. Fifth Gear is more real-world, without the ever-increasing stunts and worldwide trekking. There won’t be a space shuttle replica launching a car or a Ben-Hur spike track test. Nor will there be versions tailored to other countries, most notoriously Top Gear America (hosted by a man with no personality and staffed with a retarded man and a slacker).

Nope, Fifth Gear is all seriousness, but can still have some fun with great hosts and tests that relate to those of us in the real world. But there is also a serious side, and their latest test is one that needs to be seen by all drivers. They crash test a Focus at 120 MPH – a crash speed which they believe has never been simulated before. The results are unsurvivable. And sobering.

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