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Nancy Sinatra Thunderbird (and boots!)

by DrivingEnthusiast

There hasn’t been any new Thunderbird news in many years, and there may not be for many years more, so we thought that Thunderbird fans would appreciate this video.

I gotta get outta this town“!

This was the opening song for her 1967 television special “Movin’ with Nancy”, featuring rat pack members Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. (with whom she shared a spontaneous on-air inter-racial kiss, predating the more famous one in an episode of Star Trek), dancer and choreographer David Winters (of West Side Story), and long time writer/collaborator Lee Hazelwood.

The video features a period Thunderbird, one of the last truly small ‘birds, customized in a dark red and non-factory racing wheels. Appropriate for Nancy, provocative and sporty, yet classy.

And be sure to look for the cameo in the video below with The Chairman Himself, aka “Daddy”. Always good to see, and hear, him!

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