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What to do when you encounter a prototype car

by DrivingEnthusiast

One word: video. This is your big chance… do have your passenger video it.

This lucky BMW 1M driver in Germany encountered a prototype next-generation M3 on the Autobahn going in the direction of Berlin. But it wasn’t just any 1M: the owner had modified it to the tune of 420 HP. And with an engine directly related to the updated inline six in the M3, a comparison was required and the chase was on.

And a chase it was – the M3 driver clearly didn’t want anybody snooping on the prototype of a product that we probably won’t see unveiled until next January at the earliest. The M3 driver also technically broke the law by not immediately pulling over to the let the overcoming car pass. Instead it pulled away itself at even faster speeds (demonstrating that it had higher horsepower).  At one point the speeds hit 240 KPH. Not a problem on the Autobahn, though, since it was ion an unlimited speed section.

Watch the two videos below, in order, for the full story.

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