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Steve Saleen is Reunited with the Saleen Brand

by DrivingEnthusiast

Steve Saleen is Back in The Driver Seat of His Legacy and Heritage

Launching Several New Saleen Models

Corona, CA –

(April 2, 2012) Famed racecar driver and automotive icon, Steve Saleen,

announced today that the Saleen brand has been returned to its rightful place, himself.

After several years of litigation, Steve Saleen has successfully regained control of the

Saleen brand name and products that he created and built since 1984.

“In 2007, it was a difficult decision to resign from Saleen, Inc.”, said Steve Saleen. “But I

knew it had to be done in order to preserve the Saleen brand and to ensure the

authenticity and high performance that our customers had come to expect.”

That also marked the year that Steve Saleen unveiled his signature line, SMS Supercars

(SMS stands for Steve Mark Saleen). SMS Supercars was the continuation of Steve’s

vision for high performance automotive manufacturing. During the few short years that

followed its inception, SMS Supercars and Steve Saleen successfully launched three new

models, the SMS 570 Challenger, SMS 302 Mustang, and the SMS 620 Camaro. With

this, SMS Supercars also launched an entire catalog of aftermarket parts, including the

innovative SMS 296 Supercharger system.

Steve Saleen further added, “Although the Saleen brand is a huge part of my identity, I

knew it was the vision and passion that would shine through on my signature vehicles.

However, it couldn’t have been done without the support of the Saleen community. The

foundation and inspiration that they gave me to move forward with my vision was what

ultimately moved us to regain the Saleen branding. Most importantly the Saleen

community gets their identity back as well.”


The Refacing of Saleen


The return of the Saleen brand will allow Steve Saleen to begin offering all of his current

SMS Supercars products under the Saleen flag. With this move, SMS Supercars will be

carefully integrated into the Saleen branded family of products.

Steve Saleen will also be launching under the Saleen brand its 4V, SC, SSC, and X

Models of the 2013 Mustang, 2012 Challenger, and 2012 Camaro ranging from 425hp to

over 750 horsepower. These models will have the latest technology in Aerodynamics,

Suspension, Braking, and Performance starting at less than $40,000.

This is expected to provide a full range of products for all Saleen dealers, Speed Shops,

Race Teams, and Automotive customers in the American Pony Car segment of the

performance market. All aftermarket offerings will include: Saleen Superchargers, SMS

Superchargers, Saleen Vehicle Body Component parts, SMS Challenger Body

Component parts, SMS Mustang Body Component parts, SMS Camaro Body Component

parts, SMS Butterfly hoods, as well as all other interior and engine parts for these


With the reuniting of Steve Saleen and the Saleen brand, Mr. Saleen is currently planning

to make available all 1984 – Current Saleen vehicle aftermarket, replacement and

warranty parts. All parts will be available through the Saleen.com website, by contacting

Saleen at 800-888-8945 (formerly SMS Supercars) directly, or through the nearest Saleen

authorized dealer.

Moving forward, Mr. Saleen detailed that the Saleen registry will be updated to include

all SMS branded vehicles. By including the SMS branded vehicles in the registry they

will gain their rightful place in the Saleen family. The Saleen Registry is the official

record established to maintain the authenticity and exclusivity of all Saleen signature


Additionally, any current owners or dealers of SMS branded vehicles will be provided

with replacement badging for their vehicles, if they so desire. They can contact the

customer service division of Saleen (formerly SMS Supercars) directly, provide the

details on their vehicle, and the replacement Saleen badging will be sent out immediately.



About Steve Saleen


An automotive pioneer by trade and a driver by passion, Steve Saleen, has been involved

with racing since the late 1960’s. His racing career includes multiple wins and

involvements in CART/PPG Indy Car, Trans-Am, and SCCA series; with the most

widely known racing involvement with the Saleen/RRR Speedlab team that was formed

between Tim Allen, Bob Bondurant, and Steve Saleen. Mr. Saleen is also the holder of

multiple manufacturer titles resulting from the winning pedigree that he instills in his

Saleen branded vehicles. A Mustang Hall of Fame inductee, Steve Saleen, is world

renowned as a builder of high-performance American muscle cars. Beginning with the

first Saleen Mustang in 1984, Mr. Saleen has continued to innovate and set the bar with

his American automotive passion.

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