Not an April Fools from Mitsubishi

There isn’t much going on with Mitsubishi and the EVO. They did present the following April Fools day joke this year – a purportedly leaked internal document. Tongue-in-check, it was fun.

But that doesn’t mean we’re not alarmed by the state of the  company. It’d be hard to believe that they could possibly have the development funds to create a successor to the phenomenal Evo X. And we still remember when they shit themselves in the head by announcing the end of the Evo, then a few weeks later saying they had actually meant that it would continue on in a “greener” format. We’re very worried about that.

What’s interesting is that in our local little automobile show last month, where Mitsubishi hasn’t had a presence in years, and in Austin TX where the one and only Mitsubishi dealership recently failed – the show had the complete line of cars present. We don’t know where they came from, but certainly Mitsubishi Corporate had found a few bucks to make it happen.

And then there is the continuing record performance by Antoine L’Estage & Nathalie Richard in the Rally America series and last weekend’s win in the Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally (our personal favorite rally event of all time). Certainly Mitsubishi provided a few dollars there.

Is Mitsubishi on a comeback – so they realize the unique importance of the Evo and the equally important requirement to actively market it? We can certainly hope so….!