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The new ultimate engine swap: 2JZ into Toyota 86

by DrivingEnthusiast

The famous Toyota 2JZ engine (3 liter inline 6, iron block and aluminum head, DOHC, and built battle-ship tough as the basis for the Toyota TT) has been swapped into cars ranging from an old Mustang (for the Fast and Furious series) to an S2000. We follow these swaps closely, although unfortunately we’ve never done a 2JZ swap ourselves. We do have an S2000 that would be a basis for one, someday :-)

This time the 2JZ engine is being swapped into a Toyota 86. The results are dramatic, as are the modifications to the car. Much more than that needed to get the engine into the car, it’s been rebuilt specifically for drifting and circuit use.

And fortunately the builder in Thailand also created a great set of videos. Go full screen, turn up the volume – but only after making the boss isn’t lurking nearby!

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