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The Almost-Ultimate Silvia Engine Swap: Infiniti VH45

by DrivingEnthusiast

At tonight’s Cobb Tuning First Thursday event in Austin Texas, we witnessed a strange Silvia pulling into the lot with a transverse intake manifold sticking out thru the hood. We immediately recognized it as belonging to a US-Spec ’89-’96 Infiniti Q45 DOHC V-8 engine. This unusual engine swap has been done before, although we’ve never seen one ourselves.

And unless you have a  spare GT-R engine sitting around for the ultimate engine swap, this V-8 would make for an interesting and very rare swap.

The VH45DE engine is a fairly robust engine with very few issues. With 6-bolt caps, forged crank and rods, and variable valve timing (found on most years), this makes for a potent and torque-rich swap.

And it actually fits well! It’s fairly wide, and certainly required extensive custom header work. But there is plenty of room in front of the engine.

Rear window says it all…

Transmission lines up perfectly.

The strange part of this engine swap is of course the appearance of the intake manifold… which one person was joking at the show would confuse some people into thinking that the engine was a transverse layout. It isn’t, and there are a bundle of snakes under the plenum leading to each port. It certainly isn’t efficient, and we’d be interested in knowing just how inefficient it is. But it is unusual looking, and in this swap it comes right out of the top of the hood by about 4-5 inches. That’s a statement.

It was great seeing this swap in person, and it certainly adds a unique example to our growing list of engine swaps. See our Engine Swap category and Tags for more posts of unusual engine swaps.

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