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Configure your own Jaguar F-Type

by DrivingEnthusiast

Jaguar provided an online F-Type configurator just  hours after launch, complete with pricing, colors and options. Deliveries start in the spring of 2013.

The F-Type is expensive, and an enormous range of options can make it even more so. If you were hoping to get one of your own, get ready for a major financial event. Prices start at $69,000 USD. Our own loaded V-8 example below, as configured, lists for $142,000 USD. Note that these were taken from British prices, the U.S. website does not yet show prices – but expect something very close.

Our color of choice was of course British Racing Green, with an attractive light brown interior. Matching color seatbelts were another 150 pounds. And so on, thru dozens of option choices. And why choose an F-Type? That is going to take some thought; there are a lot of choices in this price range. A late model previously owned Aston Martin convertible, for example, might be had for this same price range.

The convertible top, BTW, goes up or down in 12 seconds, at speeds of up to 30 MPH. That leases the S2000 with the record at 6, although it must be stopped.

For our own tastes, we would have preferred this with a manual transmission (perhaps available some day in the future?) and a mechanical limited slip differential (not available on the V-8 model, using instead electronic controls).  Given the very strong engineering emphasis on driving dynamics, these were odd choices by Jaguar. But then, this is the first release of an all-new car built on an all-new platform. We would expect there to be a hardtop as well as an R model to come in the next few years. Stay tuned to this channel.

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