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Jeremy Clarkson drives the Toyota GT86!

by DrivingEnthusiast

Jeremy Clarkson (competing with Donald Trump for the title of “The Most Opinionated Man in the World”) likes the new Toyota GT86 (the name in Europe for the Toyota 86, known only in North America as the Scion FR-S). He says it’s one of the best cars he has driven “in ages”. Any why not? Driving dynamics, low center of gravity, “proper snicky” 6-speed, and “joy of drives, drive comes to the back”. And what he describes as the master stroke – not being obsessed with grip.

Here’s where we agree with him!

Believe it or not, this segment is part of a special episode of Top Gear named “Worst Car in the History of the World”. This hour and thirteen minute special uses some of the best cars in the world to illustrate just how lowly Jeremy and James’ choices for worst car are. Watch it here (before the BBC lawyers have it removed):


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