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Tesla Model S instant torque = instant burnout

by DrivingEnthusiast

Road & Track magazine, usually a paragon of driving maturity, shows some uncharacteristic behavior in this new video. The editors determined how to defeat the traction control system on the Tesla Model S, which created the ability to do endless burnouts. Because electric motors create 100% of their available torque at >0 RPM, and produce exceptionally high torque, this type of hoonage is easy.

From the driver’s notes: “Holy hell there’s a lot of torque here. The fuse we pulled disabled ABS, ESP, and traction control (good) and the speedometer and air suspension system (whatever). But it also killed the power steering and vacuum brake assist (yikes). High-speed sideways shots? Uh, no thanks.”

“Through lower-speed corners, the Model S is a drift champ. A quick stab of the accelerator pedal is all you need to break the rear end loose—and then the steering comes alive. Corrections are a breeze; chassis balance and body control are superb. One thing, though: you really, really have to respect that pedal. There’s no rev-limiter to contend with, and no gearing to choose. Mat the pedal, and you’ll be spinning tire up to the car’s 132-mph top speed. That kind of wheelspin (especially at a stop, doing donuts) will blow a tire pretty quick.”

Enjoy! (Don’t repeat this at home)

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