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Infiniti Q50 revealed at NAIAS

by DrivingEnthusiast

The next-generation Infiniti G37, er, Q50, was revealed this morning at the Detroit show. The unveiling was also broadcast live across the internet to many thousands of Infiniti G fans worldwide.

As the owner of a Stillen-supercharged G37S, we have mixed feelings about this latest G, er, Q. Not only the renaming of the car, but it’s direction. As production availability is several months off (targeted for summer), we’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and wait for full specs to be published.

You’ll notice the familiar VQ35 engine with its new hybrid layout, including the bright orange power cable. But looking around the engine compartment, we see the familiar covered compartments for the brake system on the right and the battery on the left, as well as the familiar shock towers.  That makes us think that the rumored shared platform with Mercedes is not this platform… that this is simply an evolution of the existing and very well designed FM platform.


Note the video also references future engines will include a turbocharged 4 cylinder, as well as a diesel engine.

What wasn’t said? In Japan, the Infiniti G is sold as the Nissan Skyline. Will this new car be sold as an Infiniti in Japan, putting an end to the famous 50-year-old brand name “Skyline”, or will it continue to be sold as a Nissan Skyline?

All in all, mixed feelings… maybe because we feel protective of the brand being an owner ourselves. We’ll look forward to the first road tests in the late spring as the car approached it’s release this coming summer.


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