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Fast and Furious 6 might not suck!

by DrivingEnthusiast

logo_fast-and-furious-6The trailer for Fast and Furious 6 has just been released –  and guess what, it might not suck!

According to the Fast & Furious rules/sucks chart below, with a consistent rules/sucks pattern, part 6 is supposed to suck. But judging from the trailer it might not: 

Summarizing, in our humble opinion, Part 1 was great, Part 2 stunk, Part 3 was great (set in Japan), Part 4 was bizarre (but made over $150M), and Part 5 rules again. What will Part 6 do? Here is our famous Fast & Furious Rules/Sucks chart with infamous links (click on them all!).

Part Location Our Rating Rules/ we could dream… Sucks/ most improbable
1 L.A., California Rules Supra build-up, Rodriguez and Brewster sex scenes, desert racing event, blue GT-R, black S2000. Use of actual race cars for Race Wars. A VW Passat as street race car? Retuning the engine in the middle of a race with a laptop built into the seat?
2 Miami, Florida Sucks Nothing? Pink S2000, too many special effects during street race, Miami, too much Tyrese, most everything else.
3 Tokyo, Japan Rules Everything Japan, Tsuchiya cameo, rear wheel drive Evo, Yakuza, Diesel cameo. Music video. Han dies. A classic Mustang as capable race car?
4 L.A., Mexico Sucks Brewster in NSX (all too briefly). RS200 (briefly) Racing thru cavern tunnels, too much emphasis on muscle cars, Rodriguez dies, flying gas tanker, stereotype Mexico, lousy selection of cars
5 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Rules Brewster back in action! Brazil! Bank vault chase scene, Brewster getting stuck with GT40 instead of NSX. Isn’t Sung Kang’s Han character supposed to be dead (and could Tyrese Gibson please die)? Tiring muscle. Dodges? More Dodges?? American agents with automatic weapons running around freely in Brazil?
6 Berlin and various European locations. Rules? Sucks? Warning: spoiler: do not click: guess who will return to the series! TBD. We’re getting tired of the typical old soundtrack – will it be more of the same?

We’ll know for sure (at least in North America) on May 24, 2013.


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