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CarBuzz features Tim Allen’s car collection

by DrivingEnthusiast

tim-allenOne of our favorite daily reads is the CarBuzz blog. And today’s post is an article covering the car collection of Tim Allen. Tim is of course known for his hit television series Home Improvement, as well as the smash hit (and Star Trek parody) Galaxy Quest.

But he has also been a serious racer and car collector. And we well remember the time we went up against that other famous car collector, perhaps the top collector in the country, Jay Leno. On two different occasions in the ’90s, they held an infamous on-air burnout contest in their “wives cars” :-) in the parking lot behind the NBC studio [video link]. Here’s the second one:


And here is their first race on the air… this was on a much earlier show (note the year of the Saleen Mustang) and it was of course in their “wives” cars. The NBC lawyers must have had a heart attack over this one [video link]!

Both of these were back in the glory years for Tim, when he was connected to the Saleen race team. And look at how much younger Jay was back then. We also miss the style of Jay’s show in the early years – he’d do stunts like this. We never missed a single show in those days…

We think that Jay should have Tim Allen on the show for one last burnout contest before he leaves the show next year. That would be the right way to end it!

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