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Two unique Tesla S engine swaps… sort of!

by DrivingEnthusiast

When you already have a terrific world-class chassis and powertrain… would you bother with an engine swap? The answer is both yes and sort-of-no in these swaps. 1st the no:

1) Engine out of the Tesla S. Did we say engine swap? Not in this case… instead of an engine swap it’s a purpose swap. The existing engine (motor) was swapped out because Tesla needed a Tesla S reception desk and asked East Bay Muscle Cars (EBMC) to perform the fabrication. EBMC is well-known for their automotive fabrication and swap skills, with or without an engine. And in this case without. But could they build a custom car without an engine? Yes – the end result is terrific and represents the Tesla philosophy very well.


2) LSx swap into a Tesla S. The EBMC folks couldn’t leave their recent Tesla S fascination alone… and with a spare LSx engine in the shop, and probably some late night (or early morning?) beers in hand… an LSx swap materialized. This is an ongoing project, and obviously requires a considerable amount of fabrication for a car that never had a gasoline engine to begin with. But remember how the best engine swap gurus work: no swap is too wild (in fact the more wild the better), and there isn’t an engine made that won’t fit in whatever chassis you choose (and in fact the larger the engine in the smallest fit, the better). Keep an eye on the EBMC site (and Facebook) as this project develops.


And be sure to follow our engine swap category here on DrivingEnthusiast.net. We’ve got some of the best and worst swaps in our posts over the past 14 years…!

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