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Swap: Mustang TR3650 transmission into 04 Crown Vic P.I.

by DrivingEnthusiast

While our usual focus is on entire engine swaps, where an engine that never came in a particular car (the more outrageous the better) is put into something whose original designer never imagined such a thing. But today we’ll cover a major first step that could eventually lead to an engine swap: swapping out an automatic transmission in a Crown Vic Police Interceptor for a Mustang 5-speed manual.

Crown Vic cop cars never die: they spend their first 100,000 or 200,000 miles as cop cars, then go to taxi companies for the next 200,000 miles or more. Just about everyone in North America has probably ridden in one, although most likely in the back as either a paying passenger rather than as a perp. But ‘vics also go to regular people, and in this case a driving enthusiast!

Crown Vics and Mercury Marauders are very popular in some circles, with a whole set of popular modifications. But this young owner in Binghamton NY has taken his car beyond the usual mods and decided to swap the 4-speed automatic transmission for a modern 5-speed Mustang tranny. Better yet, he has the parts list on his post for everyone’s benefit.

So let’s take a look at the rare case where the only passenger is the driver up front (in our case, it’s nice to see a ‘vic that isn’t coming up behind us at high-speed!). The full set of pictures are on the original post on UnitedPanthersOwnersAssociation forum, and on PhotoBucket.

The ‘vic has already updated to Mustang GT wheels. The ‘vic retains a stealthy appearance… people will get out-of-the-way when this comes up behind them.

One hole cut for the shifter, in a floorpan that was never designed for this.

A flywheel, clutch, and driveshaft along with a set of foot pedals (not shown) were needed. Note how much room there is under here: very likely any gasoline engine and transmission Ford makes would fit. How about a 3-valve V-10?

The TR-3650 was introduced with the ’96 Mustang GT and Cobra. And while it originally had serious issues with synchros, those were fixed long before this 2004 model. The stock crossmember is used, with some modification.

And it’s in. Note the shifter extension to move it back to the right place.

There is even a build video:

And a driving video:

(Morgan: don’t rest your hand on the shifter, and don’t steer from 12 o’clock – you don’t need to look like a Cop too!)

All in all, a very nice job – and special thanks for the parts list. Morgan has a nice car, and one that is now in a position where it could be taken even further. We’re looking forward to seeing what he does next!

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