Toyota of Japan releases 79th Toyota 86 Touge drive video: Kamikochi Norikura Rindo

toyota-touge-79The Japanese term Touge (more properly Tōge 峠) is a term literally defined as “pass”, or in the modern sense a “mountain pass” of winding roads with sharp turns and elevation changes. Because of the geography of Japan, there are thousands of roads that qualify for the term. These types of roads have also been the scene of car races, they are the original birthplace of the sport known as drifting, and they are used for formal test drives and performance contests as depicted in shows such as Best Motoring.

But these are also scenic roads to be appreciated by enthusiasts of all kinds, not just driving enthusiasts. And that brings us to the series created by Toyota to celebrate such roads, as shown by an anonymous driver enjoying them in the series of videos in a new Toyota 86.

Video #79 in the Toyota 86 Touge series takes us to the Kamikochi area for the fall colors, and a winding road up thru the hills. Enjoy this latest video produced by and for enthusiasts by Toyota!

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