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2014.09.14 – Cars and Coffee Austin [gallery]

by DrivingEnthusiast

It’s a fine September day in Texas, just a bit cooler than the last several weeks and with cloud cover. Otherwise the perfect day to look over hundreds of cars at our local Cars and Coffee.

We’ve got a gallery of over 100 cars, just a small sample of all the cars present. As usual, it’s a tough time picking just one car that stands out. There are so many choices. So we’re picking this immaculate Renault Alpine. We’ve seen this car before, but not in the last several months. It’s good that it’s back. And, in answer to that over-excited journo at that “other site”, there are several Alpines in Texas and this is just one of them.

Beautiful, and we’d take one in a minute.

Here’s our full gallery of 140 images, covering just some of the cars there.

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