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2014.11.09 – Cars and Coffee Austin [gallery]

by DrivingEnthusiast

November in Central Texas is known for its terriffic weather – perfect for a Driving Enthusiast. Be it a track event, a drive in the famous Central Texas hill country, or just a visit to a car show, November has the perfect weather for it. And with an 80-degree day at hand, we visited Cars and Coffee at The Oasis outside of the city of Austin Texas.

We’re always asked what our favorite car of the show was… and at any Cars and Coffee event it’s a hard question to answer because there is something for everyone. All types of cars, from classic sports cars or salons, to muscle cars, to Japanese cars such as S2000s and Skylines. This is the show that has it all.

So our choice today goes to the person who put the most work and creativity into their ride.  And while this most definitely isn’t a car for a Driving Enthusiast, it does most definitely show an enormous amount of creativity and hard work. And the result has serious impact – you would spot this car a mile away. Here is our choice for best in show, a retro-mod Buick Riviera GS.

Taking a look at the opposite side of the spectrum, here’s a terrific right hand drive Prelude:

Looking for something newer? Here’s a Scion FR-S we’ve run into before.. An extensive project with a very highly evolved turbo motor and suspension:

There is the bizarre… two cars we definitely don’t agree with (but to each his own).

First, this pointlessly slammed Miata:

And then this late-model Mustang, with Coyote engine removed and replaced by a stroked and carb’d small block. It makes no sense at all.

Like we said, something for everybody…. visit our complete gallery of images here:

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