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What happens to you at 85 MPH on the new Texas State Highway 130

by DrivingEnthusiast

Texas SH130 85 MPH limitWe recently came across an article written for another blog by a writer who labelled Texas’ new 85 MPH maximum speed limit as quote “insane“. We have to wonder if that writer even has a driver’s license: labeling the limit as insane was obviously the work of somebody who either doesn’t live in Texas and has never driven anywhere in this state with its wide-open spaces and far-off horizon. Or, worse, maybe he is from New York City ;-)

The writer perhaps suggests that this is what happens to anybody who dares reach 85 MPH:

Before the maximum limit for a state road is set, the Texas Department of Transportation conducts a traffic study to determine the appropriate limit for that particular segment of road. State law directs that the limit to be set based on traffic patterns as well as the suitability of the road for such a speed, including the density of population and anticipated (new road) or measured (existing road) traffic load. As each major road in Texas was reviewed, some highways ended up raising the limit to 75 from 70, and some congested areas actually lowered their limit. The brand-new Texas 130 highway determined that 85 would be appropriate for part of its length.

Texas 130 is a new pubic-private partnership (PPP) toll road which was designed for high limits from the start. The southernmost 41-mile segment, between Mustang Ridge (south of Austin) and Seguin, opened in October 2012 and has the highest posted speed limit in the United States, 85 MPH. The northernmost segment is a little more heavily populated and is set at 80 MPH. That segment goes past Austin’s Formula 1 track, the Circuit of the Americas. We’re sure that the writer of that other blog would be terrified to hear that we have driven 135 MPH on the race track!

Here’s a speed limit sign on the southern half of 130:
Texas 130 - 85 MPH

And here is photographic proof that our Boss Mustang didn’t immediately destruct. In fact the ride was smooth, boring and uneventful. And the Boss was maintaining 23.5 MPG.
Texas 130 - 85 MPH

So our advice to that writer: give our new 85 MPH speed limit a try. You might just like it!