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Lane Motor Museum: 1932 Helicron start and run [w/video]

by DrivingEnthusiast

Lane Motor MuseumWe’ve written about the Lane Motor Museum many times before, and reiterate that in our opinion this is the best and most approachable car museum in North America. This Nashville TN museum has the best collection (over 400 cars, 150 of which are on display at any time), and a very dedicated staff and founder. And a policy of keeping their cars in a condition where they can be (and are) driven at any time on public roads. In fact, they host two special events a year where the public can drive a selection of their cars on back roads.

A couple of times per year, their storage and work area is also open to the public for guided tours. This is a terrific time to visit because you’ll see everything they have and their staff is more than be happy to answer questions in detail about their cars. But also on those days, Founder and Museum Director Jeff Lane brings out a couple of unique cars to demonstrate. On our third visit in 2014, on the day after Thanksgiving, one of those cars was a 1932 Helicron. French, of course, and that means very different, of course. The propeller you see is the sole means of propulsion. Pedestrian safety standards were obviously non-existent! Watch this video as Jeff starts it up inside the museum.


At a previous visit to Lane, we saw Jeff start their Marcel Leyat propeller car. We’ve got video too at this link. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: like so many cars at this museum, you won’t see them again anywhere else. That – and their staff – is what makes the Lane Motor Museum the best in the country.

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