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2015 Geneva Show: “Ford Democratizes Performance” [w/video]

by DrivingEnthusiast

logo_ford-rs“Ford Democratizes Performance”. Those were the words spoken today by Jim Farley of Ford of Europe, during the introduction of the Ford GT, the 2016 Ford Focus RS, and the latest Ford Performance cars in Europe at the Geneva show. With a range of cars covering any buyer, from the Fiesta ST thru the Ford GT.

And if you missed the Detroit Show, where the message that Ford Performance is leading innovation in the company, then you can listen to the exact same message in Europe in this video. With a range of speakers including Johnny Herbert, Jim Farley, Raj Nair, and Ken Block.

For North Americans, the advent Ford Performance means that SVT is finally dead, fully and completely this time, with the team absorbed into the single worldwide Ford Performance organization. Products like the Mustang, Focus ST and Focus RS, and Fiesta ST as well as the Ford GT will be sold worldwide for the first time. And this means that Ford of Europe’s famous performance team, which gave us so many Cosworth, ST, and RS gems in the past, will now be part of the team delivering them worldwide.

And more is coming… with 20 total Ford Performance cars due by 2020, and with the stated plan to use the new performance AWD system in further products, we’re hoping to see a Fusion ST or RS announced next. But first that car has some mid-term updates coming in 2016, including Ford’s all-new 9-speed transmission. so if there is to be a sporting Fusion (and the platform is certainly worthy of it), then it will be this time next year before a sporting version could be announced.

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