2015.04.25: Austin TX S2000 Club “Double BBQ Gluttony” Drive [gallery]

2015 s2000 double bbq gluttonyThe Austin TX area S2000 club held its monthly drive today,leading 15 S2000s to two BBQ lunches and across a 180 mile drive of some of the best roads of Central Texas. The concept for the drive was to eat a BBQ lunch at each of the two best BBQ restaurants in Lockhart, the BBQ Capital of Texas, then compare the attributes of the BBQ. Hence the name of the event, “Double BBQ Gluttony“. The two BBQ joints were Blacks and Smitty’s, and during the eating there was considerable controversy as to which was best and why. The brisket, turkey, ribs, and sausages were each unique in their own ways and each place also had different sides that were not comparable. Participants will vote via an online poll to select the best features of each place – and which place was best.

This was then followed up with a 180 mile scenic drive. Because we were south of Austin, our usual roads to the west were too far away to use. Therefore we had to research and join together a very different set of roads that were not entirely familiar to us in order to make the drive worthwhile and scenic. We spent 2 months seeking out roads in these areas, testing all of them, until finally we had a terrific course with the added bonus of crossing over 3 distinct types of Texas ecosystems: the farm country south of Lockhart, the river country alongside the Guadalupe, and then back to the more familiar “dry scrub” of Central Texas. River Road along the Guadalupe was especially phenomenal.

This was a very long day and a tough drive because of all the turns. There were more turns per mile in this drive than our typical drives, so it was very hard for us to navigate and lead the drive, and it was very hard for all the participants to keep up and keep together. At one point we were spread out over 2 miles that included three turns. But we had a sweep car at the other end of the pack, keeping in constant touch via 2-way radio… we don’t think we lost anybody.

We also had two water crossings, and drove on a public road thru private property that included a dozen cattle guards (fortunately not suspension crunching). Altogether a very long day across territory that was new to most of our members – and proof positive that the S2000 is made for driving enthusiasts.

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