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2015.07.12 – Cars and Coffee Austin [gallery]

by DrivingEnthusiast

It’s been a great summer in Central Texas so far: heavy rains have nearly ended the drought last month, temperatures have stayed under 100, and the car shows are in full swing. Today’s show is Cars and Coffee Austin, held every month at The Oasis above Lake Travis.

As usual there are several hundred cars here today. Finding a favorite is impossible. But this month we’re gong to choose an old favorite that we’ve seen for years here at the show: this Supra TT. The Supra TT has always struck us: bullet proof engine and driveline, excellent handling, well-engineered (this is one car that even modified won’t overheat at a track event), and fun to drive. Originally built with 320 HP from a 3 liter inline 6, most examples today and this one included are well above that figure. With its aftermarket single turbo, this example is certainly over 500 HP and might be as much as 800. Which is not an issue: the engine was solidly designed, and with proper tuning will easily withstand up to 80-0 or so. So this is our choice for the month: and if the owner were selling this is the one we would have driven home in.

Sadly, we didn’t have time to shoot every one of the hundreds of cars at the show. Here’s  gallery of 51 cars, focusing on the unusual ones or cars not seen before at the show.

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