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2015.08.09 – Cars and Coffee Austin [gallery]

by DrivingEnthusiast

 Today’s Cars and Coffee Austin show is the last show of the summer – but not to fear because Cars and Coffee runs year-round. Today was probably the hottest show of the year, and not only in temperature. Again, several hundreds cars were present, so many that parking filled the ramp next door as well as the streets all around The Oasis.

As usual, Cars and Coffee offers an enormous selection of cars for every interest, from classic American and British, muscle cars, exotics, Japanese performance cars. It’s tough to pick a single favorite, so we’re going top pick three. Each of the three cars below have extensive images in our gallery at the bottom.

Classic British: a phenomenal and immaculate Jaguar XK-140.

Classic ’50s American: a 1951 Chevrolet Delux 2 door hardtop. Besides being well maintained (and not seen before at this show), this is car is significant for it’s place in Chevrolet history as well as the details of it’s design. You could write a book on it’s design features.

Classic American Muscle: This early Firebird Trans Am (one of three that came together at the show) is tastefully and immaculately modified with all the right parts to bring it up to a modern spec: engine, modern transmission, big brakes and wheels and tires. Very nice, and we’d buy this car on the spot without a hesitation.

Enjoy our Gallery of 1235 images:

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