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2015.09.13 – Cars and Coffee Austin [gallery]

by DrivingEnthusiast

It’s been a great summer in Central Texas for car shows, with dozens running each month. Central Texas directly contradicts the recent defeatist article in the Washington Post suggesting that the car culture has come to an end. It’s alive, healthy, and growing here with more and more shows and the largest attendance at each ever.

The monthly Cars and Coffee show held today at The Oasis is the perfect example: in mid-September, when some people think “off-season”, Central Texans think “car shows every single month all year round!”.

With several hundred cars to choose from at the show today, its very difficult to find a single favorite, so this month we’ll choose this variant of a mid-70s BMW E9 3.0 CS. We’ve seen one like it before, but can’t determine which specific model it is. Drop us a comment if you can identify it. Our opinion: it’s stunning, distinctive, unique, and very beautiful.

Here’s our gallery of 153 images for your enjoyment.

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