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Touge Time Attack

by DrivingEnthusiast

We’ve been posting the Touge driving videos from Toyota of Japan on our site since that terrific series started a few years ago. But there is another much more well-known use of the word Touge in Japan, and that’s for timed racing events on a closed back road. And as shown here, via Hot Version, there is a dedicated course for Touge racing in Japan: a flat-out downhill single-lane road that has been featured in thousands of videos from Hot Version, Best Motoring, and others. The course is actually the Gunma Cycle Center – as in bicycling, but is probably better known internationally for this type of use! Here’s a post written by one of the crew members of a video shoot there showing pictures of the area and providing background.

And here is Keichii Tsuchiya-san – aka the “Dr-ft King” – in a race with two S2000s. S2000s are heavily favored here because of their great weight distribution as well as the power they are capable of. But its overall handling dynamics that count here – note there is no runoff room, no guardrails, just the trees and probably a very large dropoff.

Turn up your volume – enjoy!


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