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2016 Ford Focus RS documentary: Episode 1

by DrivingEnthusiast

Here is the first entry of the 2016 Ford Focus RS documentary series from Ford. It features Ken Block taking his first drive in the Focus RS prototype at Ford’s Dearborn proving ground. Lucky guy! We like what we see here… and are amused by Raj Nair’s comments about spy photographers climbing the walls surrounding the complex (we’ve driven past, but we haven’t done the climb)! All kidding aside, Raj is the best of the best at Ford and we’re a big fan. We had the pleasure of talking to him at the Mustang press briefing last year and are looking forward to our next opportunity. Let’s make it for the Focus RS briefing!

In terms of new information about the Focus RS, there isn’t much new here. And frankly we wish the underside of the RS had been fully documented while it was up on the lift. We see a very large exhaust, and see a lower control arm and part of a hub that we might be able to draw some facts from (relocated sway bar, camber adjustment?). And the size of the big intercooler up front! But be patient.. there are several more parts coming in this series.

Stay tuned for Part 2, where we’ll see some details of the interior – including the special Recaro seats that will only be available in Europe. That’s very bad news, given how spectacularly bad difficult the Focus ST Recaros are. We’ll have to see… that’s the number one question we have now about how daily driver/livable the RS is going to be. The RS-only power rack and new lumber support for the driver’s Recaro might help but the basic design is the problem. But the performance and dynamics of the Focus RS are without question – this is a phenomenal new Ford!

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