“How Its Made Dream Cars” shows us how the 2016 Camaro is built

science channel how a car is built 2016 camaroEpisode 2 of Season 3 of How It’s Made Dream Cars from the Science Channel takes us inside the GM Grand River Lansing assembly site to build a 2016 Camaro.

This is an interesting plant because it’s the home of the Alpha platform – used for the Cadillac ATS, CTS, and now the Camaro. It’s a lightweight platform, and very nearly state-of-the-art for steel unibodies (with some aluminum components, but not structural). And component sharing across all three cars means lower costs and the availability of a wide range of engines and transmissions.

We’re also taken thru Romulus Powertrain to see how the 3.6 liter V-6 engine is built. The 3.6 is a jewel of an engine with very high output and especially high torque – it’s the torque leader for its size in naturally aspirated V-6 engines. Again, very interesting – although you’d also have to wonder how Joe’s Garage around the corner might rebuild one of these engines after the first 200k miles. Answer: it will run longer than that on its own!

Here’s the video: we suggest you switch to full screen and turn up the volume. Enjoy!

How Its Made-Dream Cars S03E02 Chevrolet Camaro