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Tyrone Johnson presentation on the 2016 Ford Focus RS

by DrivingEnthusiast

Tyrone Johnson, the Vehicle Engineering Manager for Ford Performance, made a presentation covering the features of the 2016 Ford Focus RS to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers of Britain in March 2016.

Tyrone Johnson (L) Raj Nair (r)

Ford Focus RS Leadership Team: Tyrone Johnson (L), Raj Nair (r)

Our gallery below has his 47 PowerPoint slides, explaining the purpose of the Focus RS and its unique features – as well as its competitive differentiation.

If you haven’t been following the development of the Focus RS, be sure to look at the slides explaining its drivetrain and take particular note of the inherent weaknesses of the Haldex-type AWD systems that competitors to the Focus RS use. This is the most important point when choosing a car of this class: Haldex systems can only move torque front<–to–>rear. Not also side-to-side as the Focus RS can. This is the critical difference: Haldex is how you spell understeer and poor lap times. This is why Subaru STi and VW Golf R can never measure up to the dynamic performance of the Focus RS.

Click on the thumbnails below and use the blue right hand arrow to move forward thru the entire presentation.

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