Thousands of new pins added to our Pinterest site for car enthusiasts of all types

Since our last update we’ve added over 5,000 new pics to our Pinterest site with 87 Boards. The goal of our site is to create a permanent repository of images of a very broad and diverse range of enthusiast cars. And we’ve got thousands more images queued up, including over 100 2016 Shelby GT350 images (detailing each part that makes that car so unique).

In this latest round, we’ve added:

  • 200 images of the Focus RS (for a total of 495 images of the ST, RS, and Cosworth fast Fords)
  • Hundreds of images of the late model Subaru WRX, STI, and BRZ cars (for a total of 346 Subarus)
  • Hundreds more images form the local Cars and Coffee event, representing nearly every possible brand of cars that represent the types of cars that you, our readers, own or enjoy (for a total of 764 images, working forward in time with several hundred more to go)
  • Coverage of three years of the Texas All British Car Days show (763 images)
  • More images on our very popular Ford Engines board (total of 273)
  • Hundreds of images covering a wide range of interesting Alfa Romeos, Alpines, Bentleys, Holdens, Matra, Mazda, MG, MINI, Morgan, Nissan Skyline, Pontiacs (specializing in the Trans Am), Sunbeam, and Triumph.

Our interests are diverse, and detailed, and we’re out to create one of the largest Pinterest boards for driving enthusiasts. Enjoy!