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The new year brings Alpine back to production

by DrivingEnthusiast

After a 22 year wait, enthusiasts will finally be rewarded with a new Alpine in the late 2017. Orders are being taken now and full specs and details will be released later this year. And the stated 0-62 MPH time of 4.5 seconds looks very promising!

To help tide us over, Alpine has released some images of the all-aluminum platform from the assembly line in Dieppe, and some images of prototypes testing in the desert. The fully aluminum body and aluminum-intensive engine, transmission, and suspension ensure light weight and agile handling.                 

And we’ve provided 209 images of both the prototypes as well as the original Alpines (and even a Willy Interlagos we recently encountered) in our DrivingEnthusiast Pinterest Alpine Board. Our full DrivingEnthusiast Pinterest site includes over 17,500 images of interest across a very broad range of vehicles of interest to all enthusiasts.


We recently enjoyed driving a 1986 Renault Alpine GTA Turbo on the back roads of Central Tennessee and we’re very hopeful that the new Alpine will eventually be sold in North America. Right now, there are no announced intentions to do so – we understand why as an entire infrastructure would need to be established and the only way it would be profitable would be to import several other Renault products to provide the financial momentum.

Alpine Press Release follows:

Alpine Opens Reservations

December 09, 2016

1,955 numbered Alpine ‘Première Édition’ limited-edition cars now available for reservation

Starting today, Alpine is opening reservations for its ‘Première Édition’, an exclusive limited-edition version of its upcoming production car. Reservations can be made via Alpine’s bespoke app downloadable from Alpine’s official website: www.alpinecars.com.

Production of the limited-edition version is restricted to 1,955 cars, a reference to the year when Alpine founder Jean Rédélé first established the brand.

“Alpines made such a mark because of the elegance of their designs, their nimble handling and their memorable successes in world class motor racing and rallying,” says Alpine’s Managing Director Michael van der Sande. “The interest that the announcement of Alpine’s return has generated across the globe inspired us to give sports car enthusiasts and Alpine fans early opportunity to reserve the new car.”

“The Première Édition versions of the new model will be the first to come off the line and we wanted to allow Alpine fans to choose the number of their car.”

The Alpine Première Édition will feature exclusive appointments, while its price and technical specification will be revealed in the first quarter of 2017. Its tax-paid price in France will be between €55,000 and €60,000.

Its standstill-to-62mph (100kph) time will be 4.5 seconds and delivery to customers is scheduled to start from late 2017.

Reserving the Alpine Première Édition using the bespoke app and making an initial payment of €2,000 will allow customers to select their preferred number – from 1 to 1,955 – depending on availability. The number will appear on a plaque fixed to the centre console. Customers will also be able to specify the colour of their car from a choice of three finishes: ‘Bleu Alpine’ (Blue), ‘Noir Profond’ (Black) or ‘Blanc Solaire’ (White).

Customers in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan*, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom will be able to reserve the Alpine Première Édition.
(*) Reservations open in 2017.

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