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DrivingEnthusiast Pinterest Board: now with 19,040 Pins!

by DrivingEnthusiast

With 133 Pinterest Boards on the Driving Enthusiast Pinterest Site, we extensively cover numerous brands of interest for driving enthusiasts. Currently housing 19,040 Pins for your browsing and research (and repinning) pleasure!

Our objective? It’s long-term, with the intent of building a repository of images of our favorite cars of yesterday, today, and going forward. We want to be able to look at this for reference now, and in 20 years to remember our favorites. We hope you appreciate our intent.

With a major additions over these past two weeks, we have added hundreds of new pins:

  • Ford concept cars: The Aurora, Corrida, Messenger, the 4-door Mustang proposal, and the Mach 2C join 306 images of Ford concepts and hundreds of other concepts from a dozen different manufacturers. We love concepts, it’s what brought us into the hobby as a kid, and we have hundreds and hundreds of pictures of all sorts of concepts from many manufactures.
  • Engine swaps: detailed pics of a Mini with a Honda B16. 525 engine swap Pins total. We also have a separate Board just for Miata and RX-7 engine swaps with 120 Pins. We continue to be intrigued by owning one of these one day – whether powered by Ford, GM, or even with a DOHC Toyota V-8.
  • The fabulous new 2018 Renault MÉGANE R.S, part of 174 Pins in our Renault Board.
  • The 2017-2018 Corvette GrandSport, the 2018 Corvette Carbon65 Edition, and the 2019 Corvette ZL1 – in our Chevrolet Corvette Board with 144 pins.
  • Two added BMW concepts: the Concept Z4 and the Concept 8. Beautiful. Now at 144 Pins. 
  • A new board of Ford experiential engines, including PROCO, T-drive, Bobcat and the DOHC V-10 family and the DOHC 7-liter V-8 for the cancelled 2006 Mustang Cobra. 19 Pins. You’ll see the experimental engines you might have had… but which were never put into production. This very much makes us wish we had our camera that time we were invited into Ford’s Experimental engines garage so many years ago.
  • Our most popular Board: Ford ST, RS, Cosworth – now up to 898 Pins. Now including even more parts for the Focus RS – this time an intriguing set of KW Adaptive shocks that we’d very much like to have on our own Focus RS
  • A new Honda Civic Board, with 415 Pins covering many of the generations right up to the new 2017-2018 Honda Civic Type R (and also including the last-gen Civic Type R!)
  • Don’t forget our Maxwell Board, featuring Jack Benny’s (in)famous and trustworthy (/not) car ;-)   28 Pins.
  • And even more pins to a dozen of our other Boards…

We will continue to post them as we get them, and we’ve got hundreds more images waiting in the wings from our coverage of Cars and Coffee and press events.