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Top 20 things that pushrods are good for ;-)

by DrivingEnthusiast

With the news this week that the upcoming mid-engine Corvette will finally get a pair of DOHC engines (although retaining the pushrod 6.2 for just a few first years), it’s time to consider what do do with all the pushrods that will be sitting around in the junkyards. So here are 20 things you can do with the pushrods from your old-fashioned engine!

  1. Use them in Civil War era muskets as projectiles
  2. Add a brake rotor and you have a clock for your bachelor pad
  3. Put ballast into your pinewood derby cars
  4. Use as pickup-sticks for destructive children
  5. Dig around in the lava rocks in your BBQ
  6. Weigh down the rear of an V-8 Mustang in the winter
  7. Use them as chopsticks for the cheap takeout you picked up in your Hyundai
  8. Conduct a midget orchestra with a (very) short baton
  9. Build a state-of-the-Chevy-art Chevy engine
  10. Keep a few in the car to throw at people who are driving while speaking on their cell phones
  11. Ass scratcher (for low-class types)
  12. Use them for very serious piercings
  13. Your girlfriend can hold up her hair bun with one
  14. After “finding boost” in your Turbo 911, and right after you hit the Police barricade, your doctor can use them as pins to fuse your bones back together
  15. Just in time for Halloween, create the automotive version of Edward Scissorhands or Freddy Krueger
  16. Practice acupuncture on people with *very* big pores
  17. Weld two together and have a spare pushrod for your Harley
  18. Spare tent pegs for a camping weekend at the track
  19. Fasten logs together for your log home
  20. Stick two in the lawn 5 feet apart, hook up 110 volts, and get your fishing worms!

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