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DrivingEnthusiast Pinterest hits 19,908 Pins, 141 Boards

by DrivingEnthusiast

There isn’t another automotive Pinterest Board like the DrivingEnthusiast Pinterest Board: our historical archive/reference site has now grown to 19,908 Pins with hundreds of new Pins this month:

  • 135 new highly detailed cutaway and close-up images of 2016+ Shelby GT350 parts: everything that sets this car apart from the lesser Mustangs. You’ve never seen the GT350 in this level of detail before!  See our 2016 Mustang Shelby GT350 Board, now with 171 Pins total!
  • Our Ford Mustang Bullitt Board covers all three Bullitt generations that Ford has produced, as well as the original movie car.  99 Pins!
  • A new SVT Cobra R Board – with 131 Pins!
  • Looking into that Focus RS head gasket issue? We have Ford’s own announcement letter here, along with 907 Pins in our Ford ST, RS, & Cosworth Board – our largest Board of them all.
  • Citroen ID19, M-35, and Cogolin (dual engine – dual direction! replica) Pins. Our Citroen Board is now at 140 Pins!
  • Our new “Other Board“, where we put anything weird cars that don’t fit elsewhere, now includes the 1951 Iota 350 Sport, 1962 Sabra Sport Four, and some oddities such as the 1953 DiDia 150.
  • Our new Peel Board, with it’s first 8 Pins, introduces the Trident and P50.
  • Our new Peugeot Board is off to a similar start, featuring 8 pins of the pre-war 1939 Peugeot 202 Berline Decouvrable.
  • We’ve split Acura away from the Honda Board, and started it off with a dozen Pins of recent Acura engines. Note that the NSX (classic, cancelled V-10 model, and current) is in it’s own Board, and we’ve added some new engine pins there as well. Don’t miss our Honda S660 Board (245 Pins), Honda S500 thru S800 Board (178 Pins), and Honda S2000 Board (286 Pins) and Honda Civic Board (415 Pins) – and these are just a few of our Honda topic Boards.
  • Many miscellaneous images in the boards of their manufacturers, including the Alfa Romeo Cuneo, Fiat Multipla Marine, Lamborghini Marzal, Lancia Strator Sibilo, and many more.

Enjoy… and as always, the best Pinterest move is to Follow the boards you are interested in so that you get upcoming updates.