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John Wayne does car chases, too

by DrivingEnthusiast

Once Steve McQueen’s Bullitt hit the screen in 1968, car chases became very popular in movies. Many different actors and actresses were cast in chases to draw audiences. Here are two clips featuring car chases by John Wayne. Yes, cars instead of horses!

The first is McQ from 1974, featuring Wayne as a Seattle cop with a very nice 2nd gen Firebird Trans Am and a couple of chases. The first chase is if particular interest because the video shown below features overlays showing the streets involved and comments about the modern uses of the buildings and streets. For example, what was a laundry then is a building used more recently by Amazon.com. This clip should enable you to drive most of the streets involved (we recommend you skip the part under I5 South). We’ve done the drives, for this film as well as for Bullitt. If you are a fan of both Seattle and John Wayne, as we are, then watch closely:

The second is a trailer for Brannigan from 1975, featuring The Duke as a Chicago cop sent to London to bring home an American gangster. With some traditional Brits, as well as a modern young lady officer (thankfully not a love interest, as Wayne was probably 40 years older than her), and a hot chase in a Ford Capri, this film was well received.

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Both films have unfortunately faded a bit into obscurity, but are still worthwhile collectibles for John Wayne fans. Here are our recommendations, straight from our own personal collection, along with some good reading about Wayne:

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