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DrivingEnthusiast Pinterest Site updates

by DrivingEnthusiast

With 138 Boards and over 25,800 Pins, our DrivingEnthusiast Pinterest Board continues to grow past all normal bounds. We created our Pinterest Site as an archival and historical research site, and like our DrivingEnthusiast website it has zero commercial or financial interest. It’s purely for driving enthusiasts and automotive hobbyists.

What’s new or updated? First, our Nissan and Z Board, now with 763 Pins, has new Sections breaking out all of the separate generations of the Datsun/Nissan Z cars, as well as an Advertising Section and a Section covering Concepts, Prototypes, and Showcars.

The Mustang Mach-E is announced… and love it or hate it… or even unsure… it’s a very significant and gutsy move for Ford. We have 65 Pins on our new Mustang Mach-E Board. And Ford has even created a GT version, which includes more power and magnetorheological shocks! In any case, you need to get used to it because the Mustang product planner recently said that “inevitably the Mustang will be fully electric”… however first, as we wrote here, the Mustang will move to the new D6 platform.

And then there is the new C8 Corvette. We have full coverage in our Corvette Board, including all the announcement images. And we also have our own images from a very interesting C8 Powertrain Development Vehicle engineering prototype we examined at the National Corvette Museum in October. This is probably the only chance you’ll have to see the “guts” of the C8 until you get your hands on one in person!

Next, we have broken out the Jaguar F-Type into a separate Board from the rest of the Jaguars, with 494 Pins, including the beautiful new 2021 Jaguar F-Type. And we’ll order ours in this exact same blue, although as a back-roads driving enthusiast we’ll of course be ordering the convertible.

As always, Tesla is at the front of the news, and is now in volume the largest electric car manufacturer in the world. The new Tesla Cybertruck is controversial, to say the least, but it is also on the leading edge of truck features even without the powertrain. We’ve got complete coverage of the reveal event held in November. As always with Tesla, the engineering is at least 10 years ahead of the industry curve (and probably 20 beyond for the Cybertruck)… and in fact it may have been sent back to us via a time machine. We are building out our Tesla Board and currently have 248 Pins and 7 sections. Tesla deserves considerably more of our attention and we will be focusing on further improving this Board!

What’s hot? We continue to focus on the people in this industry whom we consider to be our heroes! Jesse Combs is of course at the top of our recent additions. And they are not all conventional heroes… for example Onslow (1978 Ford Cortina) and Click & Clack are obvious additions because of their attitudes!

Our Focus ST, RS and Cosworth Board is our largest Board, with 1383 Pins, including breakout Sections covering various generations. Our latest Pins cover an Escort RS 2000 we recently found at a car show. You’ll also see hundreds of Pins covering the 2016-2018 Focus RS, one of which we have half-way thru a 20,000 mile long-term test.

We are also car movie enthusiasts, and hopefully you’ve seen some of our hundreds of reviews of car movies and television shows on our sister site CarMovieEnthusiast.com. Our Car Movie Enthusiast Pinterest Board has 234 Pins, including our latest Pin (and video clip) of Russell, played by Dick Shawn, from “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”, driving flat-out across the countryside in his 1962 Dodge Coronet convertible. Those Cannonballers who recently set a record driving across the United States could learn a few things from him. You’ll also see a Pin of our encounter in Leiper’s Fork, TN, USA between the 1959 Citroën ID 19 we were driving and the General Lee Charger. They are “Brothers of – extremely – different Mothers”.

Enjoy our Pinterest site, and be sure to <Follow> the entire site or individual Boards to get our very frequent updates.